What Tipped? Facebook or Human History as we Know It?

The looming new year recently reminded me of something I read in June. It was a fact of human history with such a profound influence on the upcoming year that it may be the source of most of the changes of late and to come. For the first time ever, there will be more people in the world who live in cities than who don’t.
Has Facebook Tipped or Has Human History as we Know It?According to the United Nations Population Fund in June 2007, there are 3.3 billion people living in cities, and that number is expected to grow to 5 billion within 25 years.

Around the same time, Facebook saw unbelievable growth. Facebook had 12 million members in December 2006, and boasts around 60 million only a year later, ever climbing with an additional 250,000 new members daily and 65 billion monthly pageviews.

Proudly, my own city of Toronto is the second largest network with over one million members out of the roughly 2.5 million people living here.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has seen considerable growth in the past year, and that it will continue to. The question that hit me this morning, though, has the potential to flip my entire outlook on the world.

Did 2007 bring about the tipping point of Facebook, or urban human history as we know it? and.. what else will it mean for 2008?

Jonathan Kleiman