What Time Is It?

It was that time again to change our clocks and check all electronics with clocks to make sure they properly changed time. Every mobile device in my house changed time as expected, except for one, the Samsung Nexus S. As you can see in the screenshot, it appears to be a little uncertain about what time it is, displaying the correct time on the device lock screen, yet showing one hour behind up on the notification bar. My Nexus One, did not have the same problem, although the Nexus One has Android 2.3.3 installed, while the Nexus S is still on Android 2.3.2.
Both phones are configured to use network-provided values for time, but the Nexus One does not have a SIM card. I did not find a setting that controlled the clock display in the notification bar, and I was considering manually upgrading the Nexus S to Android 2.3.3 when I decided to first try turning the phone off and on. After the Nexus S restarted the proper time was displaying on the notification bar and the lock screen, so my time change problem has been solved. The only mystery that remains is why the Android 2.3.3 over-the-air update has not yet been pushed to my Nexus S.