What the #@*?! Survey Reveals People From Ohio Curse More Than Other States

When we heard about this study pointed out by Forbes, we simply had to share. The Marchex Institute, the research branch of Marchex, relied on Call Mining technology to pull data from 600,000 phone calls from consumers to businesses spanning 30 industries.

Making the connection between curse words and their frequency of use to 50 states, they concluded people in Ohio are more likely to swear than people from another state.

In case you’re wondering, people from Massachusetts came next in terms of the highest frequency, followed by Arizona, then Texas and Virginia.

As for the state where people are least likely to curse? Well, that would be people from Washington state. They curse so infrequently (or maybe it’s just that Ohioans curse more robustly) equating to about half the amount of their Ohio counterparts.

According to the piece, John Busby, senior vice president of the Marchex Institute explained, “Ohio’s state slogan was once ‘The Heart of it All.’ One could argue this data adds an extra layer of meaning to that.”

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