What the PRNewser Gang Is Thankful for in 2013

Tomorrow is the big day. A time when your humble PRNewser gang — him, her, her and yours truly — have a chance to reflect upon the overdose of tryptophan, the near-mauling of family members and how, exactly, one can resist the temptation to take an Instagram of everyone’s drunk Uncle Eddie (who tries to show off his “turkey leg” during the blessing of the meal).

The question came up during our morning “Soooo…whatchu gonna write about” meeting: what we are thankful for this year?

Sure, family, friends and a tank full of gas, but more specifically, what in this beloved industry of integrated flackdom are we most appreciative for in thanking sweet baby Jesus in 2013? Here’s our list. We’d love to hear yours in the comments after the jump…

Patrick Coffee is thankful for…

  • The PR people who understand that I (and editors of every trade blog and publication in the blogosphere) could give a crap about the award their agency won and that sending me a cool story someone else wrote is usually more helpful than emailing a press release, because marketing. Oh, and that’s, like, your job.
  • The few execs who appreciate the two most important elements of any PR conversation: alcohol and enough self-awareness to laugh about how weird our industry is.
  • The even fewer individuals who REALLY understand how to use social media. It’s all about the listicles (many of which can be found on this very blog!).
  • The flacks who resist the need to update their contacts and either call me “Jason Chupick” (although he hasn’t been the editor for about three years) or send me press releases addressed to “Brittany” (because it makes me feel pretty, bitch).

Tonya Garcia is thankful for…

  • The PRs in this industry with a sense of humor. They make my job here much easier and if they took the job too seriously, they don’t read many blogs anyway so there’s that.
  • Overeager companies that cross their fingers and jump on every new technology and trend, hoping for the best but usually falling flat. Also, smart consumers who know when to call BS when they see those same things. It makes our job so much more fun.
  • Vine video. I thought it was silly at first, but the creativity that’s going into some of these clips is kind of amazing.
  • The campaigns that are either really clever or borderline ridiculous, because they fuel the madness of which we write daily. Without you, I’d be really bored.
  • The years I have been here blogging alongside my cronies at mediabistro. It’s been so much fun.

Elizabeth S. Mitchell is thankful for…

  • Poorly executed damage control campaigns that create headlines so large I can laugh, shake my head, sigh, and then make my quota for blog posts the next day.
  • Our very own Tonya Garcia for hiring me to write for PRNewser based on a rant about Sarah Palin and a sample post about my beloved Mad Men (not Jon Hamm, but the TV show. Well, okay, maybe Jon Hamm, too.)
  • For no New Yorkers on the PRNewser team ever holding my status as a Red Sox fan against me. And now that SPW is from Texas, I have to deal with that Rangers love. Whatevs.
  • Press releases sent to me in emails that address me by name—as in, someone did research and decided to communicate from one human being to another! Also: subject lines that are NOT IN ALL CAPS. Your willingness to refrain from screaming in my face as I drink my morning tea and check my email is always appreciated.

Shawn Paul Wood is thankful for…

  • My smartphone, because on a really productive day at work, I only check my phone around 1,300 times. Also, I write my tweets and posts in advance but I still have this insatiable need to troll, tweet and post ad nauseum. And because I have no life.
  • Rob Ford. Respect.
  • Flacks who don’t pass off their own intelligence by stealing other people’s tweets, posts or blog topics. In other words, cite your sources peeps. We’re watching you and preparing to call you out. You know, if I haven’t done that already.
  • People who actually count their damn groceries before going into the express lane.
  • This job, because PR is no different than any other industry. It’s great to represent when you are surrounded by good people, though sometimes you wish you worked at Best Buy when surrounded by dolts who call themselves “PR practitioners.” Because it’s obvious that “practice” doesn’t mean bupkus to them.
  • Any Lohan, Bynes, Kardashian or other dimwit from reality TV. Thanks for the fodder in here. Love you.

For real though, we are thankful for you — the PRNewser Newsies. You share the posts. You talk about the information. You make comments, add tweets and post everywhere. Without you, there would be no reason for us. Thank you for visiting time and time again. We appreciate all of your insight, tips and cheering sections.

Make ya’ a deal: keep that up and we will do the same. Cheers!