What the Hell Am I to Do With Facebook's Suggested Friends?

I have about 20 “suggested friends” in my Facebook friend requests inbox and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with them. I understand the basic concept. One person is introducing me to someone that they think I should touch base with. What am I going to say to that person though? “Hey John, Mary suggested that I ping you. I have absolutely no idea who you are or what you do but hi!”

The suggested friends section has to be one of the most useless features on Facebook. I don’t mean to insult the person who came up with the idea at Facebook. Seriously, I understand the purpose behind it, but as a form of personal introduction it’s horrible. Typically if somebody thinks you should get in touch with another person they’ll send an email introduction which includes a qualification about each individual and explains why the two should touch base.

Facebook’s suggested friends feature does none of this. All it does is add confusion to my life. Occasionally people introduce me to me to an attractive female and for a brief moment I actually consider adding that person (yes, I am a guy), but then I thought about it from about it from their end. You are a random person that just added them as a friend and they have no idea who you are: kind of creepy. So here’s my new policy on friend suggestions: I’m deleting all of them.

Yes, I always enjoy finding new friends but if you choose to awkwardly introduce me to someone without any formal introduction, it’s pretty much useless.

A commenter suggested that you use the feature to introduce people who already know each other. That’s a great point. I initially assumed it was similar to LinkedIn’s feature that allows you to suggest two people connect. Do you use this feature at all? Do you think it’s useful? Currently I know none of the friends suggested to me.