What The Foreign Press Thinks of the Shooting in AZ

The foreign press is so un-American. Er so not American. Robert Marquand at the Christian Science Monitor write about how those overseas see the violence that erupted in a Safeway parking lot on Saturday that resulted in six people dying.

Marquand writes:

Much of the German editorial position on Giffords was strongly accusatory of the political climate in the US in recent years.

The conservative Die Welt stated today that: “This murderous attack came from an atmosphere of discord and self-doubt, because America is experiencing the limits of its power on a daily basis, whether it be on distant fronts or with dissatisfaction at home. It has never been like this. There always was the motto: ‘Yes, we can.’ Today, widespread pessimism prevails, because of the financial crisis, and because of Iraq and Afghanistan, lost battles …”

British media on the weekend immediately seized the importance of the story, the first attempted assassination of a US politician in 30 years; the BBC and Sky News followed it live for most of Saturday evening and it was Page 1 on Sunday.

Europeans have paid attention to numerous stories on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her pro-tea party website that “targets” Giffords and includes the comment “Don’t retreat … reload” – as a symptom of the tone in US politics.

Photo credit Chris Carlson/AP