What single-issue advertisers should we expect?

NYer.jpgMichael Hess joins The New Yorker as new associate publisher. Associate publishers oversee big-time sales, making us wonder if Hess will embrace more New Yorkers full of Target ads. Fine with us, as we had no difficulty distinguishing between ads and editorial. (Really, if you’re smart enough to read The New Yorker, you can probably figure it out on your own.) It only gets uncomfortable when the product placement is obvious. Some potential giveaways that Hess is throwing his weight around in troublesome ways:

Malcolm Gladwell: “Why People Love Pepsi More Than Coke”
Ken Auletta: “Rupert Murdoch is Right About Everything”
Adam Gopnik: “Travel to Paris. And Only Paris”
John McPhee: “FedEx Gets Your Package There On Time. In Very Complicated Ways.”
David Denby: “Forget What I Said Before&#151This Movie is Fantastic”
David Remnick: “Kleenex: So Much Softer Than in Moscow”