What Resume? Web Designer Creates Video Game as CV

Everyone should have a resume, right?

Okay, let’s rephrase that. Everyone should have a resume but lately it seems that comes after the fact. Contacts get to know you as a person and then ask for the soft copy version in order to circulate it.

If you’re in the camp that CVs are becoming obsolete, you’re not alone. Your LinkedIn profile and Web site may certainly speak for themselves. The resume feels more like an afterthought, doesn’t it?

Well, web designer Robby Leonardi is certainly onto something. We heard about this from Brazen Careerist and really dig it.

He created a side-scrolling video game as his calling card. Think Mario Brothers and rising piranha plants to showcase his proficiency in skills. Personal facts are included, too.

We really hope he gets a job since he certainly leveraged the non-resume as a way to demonstrate his abilities. The only question is now that his “resume” is public and not exactly confidential, what does his current employer, Fox News Channel, think about it? Hmmm.