What of Woodward?

Here’s what various folks are saying about Woodward:

  • New York Observer’s Chris Lehmann: “Woodward’s an obliging plier of access for access’ sake.”

  • Jay Rosen: “I am not for firing him. But I do think this. In theory we send these people out to report back to us. Some of them penetrate the secret worlds of national security and government policy-making on our behalf. But if they keep going into the secret world they can come under the gravitational pull of another planet– the people in power, the secret-makers themselves. They’re still sending back their reports, but have “left” our universe, so to speak.”

  • Former Washington Post Ombudsman Geneva Overholser: Editor and Publisher quotes her saying that the Post “should either sever its ties with Bob Woodward or require the legendary Watergate scribe to work solely for the paper, not pen his best-selling books on the side.”

  • Says Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi: “Miller is ”Miss Run Amok.” Woodward is a media bigfoot. They both let their newspapers down, and readers, too. Miller chose to forget that a leak from a ”source” demands as much skepticism as any politician’s press release. Woodward chose to ignore that he owed his bosses an explanation of what he knew, when he knew it, and from where it came.”

  • Mother Jones’ Tom Engelhardt: “A reporter who once brought down one corrupt administration now finds himself protecting another…”