What Of That Odd NYT Ad?

(earlier on FishbowlDC)

Radar looks into it:

    Just how much money is Paul Kuntzler, president of Miller Reporting Company, prepared to spend to make sure Washington Post chairman Donald Graham returns his copy of an A&E documentary about John Kennedy? $334,318, apparently.

    According to the New York Times media kit, that’s the cost of the delightfully crazy ad Kuntzler published in the A-section of yesterday’s New York Times. A single page ad that falls under the category of an “Advocacy/Cause and Appeal/Political/Philanthropy” sets you back $167,157. The cost doubles when you need two pages to explain why WashPo company’s honcho is a mooch.

    While Kuntzler’s two-page ad is largely a typical swipe at the media for not properly covering the Kennedy assassination, he reserves special ire for Donald Graham and the Washington Post, who, according to Kuntzler, “[have] still not returned the important video, The Man [sic] Who Killed Kennedy, Volumes One and Two.”

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