What Not To Put On Your Resume: Part 4: The Finale

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Jane Ashen Turkewitz is a contract media recruiter and the President of T & Jam Resume Services, where she writes resumes for media and entertainment professionals. She is also the Editor of LetsTalkTurkeyBlog.com. Jane interviewed some of the top media recruiters in New York to find out what they don’t like to see in a resume…this is our fourth and final week.

Beverly Weinstein, President of the Media Recruiting Group states:

  • Anyone with five years or less business experience should only have a one-page resume. Director-level or above should go to two pages but nobody should have more than a two-page resume.
  • Executive profiles are important but they need to be meaningful and bulleted.
  • Don’t include passive interests such as “reading or cooking.” Marathon running and activities that show leadership and perseverance are key.

Risa Goldberg, President of Markham Media Executive Search put it simply: Most resumes are too long. They should be one or two pages at the very most.


As a media recruiter and resume writer, you bet I’ve got some opinions of my own on this topic. To check them out, visit LetsTalkTurkeyBlog.com, where I analyze what these top recruiters say and give my two cents.

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