What Makes A Good Social Media Editor? AP’s Eric Carvin Shares

Eric Carvin has spent the last 12 years of his life working at the AP. He’s recently been named social media editor for the wire service. Digiday interviewed him about what the job entails.

A good social media editor for a news organization, he says, needs to have strong news skills, “separate from your social media skills….At the same time you need to understand social media, that engaging with the public is a worthy goal,” he says.

“If you are a news organization, it’s very, very important that your social media expert is also a journalist. You need to know the news. The more experience the better. The better understanding of news gathering, the better.”

But the bigger question Digiday asked is whether news organizations will all have social media editors. While Carvin says he can’t think of many large news organizations that don’t have a social media editor, he doesn’t know whether the trend will spread. “There are some that have actually moved away from having one because they expect all of their staffers to understand and manage social media themselves.”

It seems like a smart career move either way to keep up to date with all things social—whether it helps you land a purely social gig or keeps your skills current for a journalism gig, it can’t hurt to practice your Tweeting.