What Makes A Good Corporate Blog?

If you’re doing in-house PR, one of your jobs likely involves updating the company blog.

But so many corporate blogs are, according to marketer/communicator Mark Schaefer, “Blah, blah and double blah!”

It’s not all doom and gloom though–Schaefer points out ten blogs that buck the trend in a blog post for Ragan.com. None of them are tech blogs (simply because most tech blogs are already bucking the trend…”they are so far ahead of the rest of the corporate world that I found it unfair to rank the professionals with the amateurs”) and Zappos is not included “because I am sick of Zappos.” Ha.

So who else is blogging well and what are they doing?
Starbucks makes the cut for its My Starbucks Idea blog, where customers can submit any idea they want and employees help with the brainstorming.

Marriott’s blog gets a nod because the chairman, Bill Marriott, actually writes the posts (okay, he dictates them and someone else types them in).

GE’s blog features “entertaining stories…wonderful photography, video, and even art and music.”

Regarding adventure-gear retailer Patagonia’s blog: “You have to love a corporate blog that features a post called ‘Waking up puking.'”

But if you’re a big corporation, like Fortune 500 big, you’re doing well if you even have a blog; only 22 percent do. And if it’s visible, since Schaefer says he couldn’t find some companies’ blogs even when the company claimed to have one, you’re already on the right track.