What It’s Like Being Laid Off From Journalism…The ‘Fictional’ Edition

nothing happens until it happens to you by tm shineNothing Happens Until It Happens To You,” out today, is a fictionalized, but probably close to home for thousands, account of a journalist’s layoff and what happened after.

As Publishers Weekly puts it:
“With little support from his wife and kids, Jeffrey befriends a 20-something female neighbor and makes halfhearted attempts at active unemployment, like drinking during the day with the other jobless and doing odd jobs. As his life spins out of control and the prospect of finding another job becomes more daunting, Jeffrey stumbles through a series of trials and exploits that give his life new meaning.”

The novel’s written by T. M. Shine, who’s been lauded by Dave Barry and Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten.

Shine is also a layoff victim. He used to work…guess where? In journalism.

He wrote about his own layoff in hilarious fashion for the Washington Post Magazine a few years back. We’re wondering whether the novel is basically the essay with some names changed.