What is your Social Media Sweet Spot?

As PR/marketing guy I am always being asked, “How do I use social media as a pr or marketing to reach the public?” I wish there was a simple 1 2 3 answer but there really isn’t a cookie cutter solution to using social media as a tool.

I was at an event the other night and this very question was asked to me by the founder of a small startup. He and I chatted for several minutes, giving advice and listening to ideas when I had an epiphany. I began to tell him that he needed to find his social media sweet spot.

He needed to find the point where spending time and resources on social media can produce the most ROI. I began to explain this in detail and found that I was drawing a simple graph. The graph, sketched on a napkin, will forever be framed in my apartment but I decided to create a digital representation and share it with you.

I began to outline all the social media outlets this gentleman was interested in spending his resources on. I then took to drawing points of allocation (hours spent) on a graph, those points represented how his resources would be divided up among social media outlets, and filled those points in to represent total expenditure of his time spent on (based on 200 hours).

What I came up with was a physical representation of how to use social media to find the best results. It is amazing how when something is physically presented to you it can really help outline a marketing plan. After looking at the chart my friend realized he wanted to host and attend events while connecting with people on twitter. He would then spend time following up on Facebook and posting/commenting on blogs with occasional forum posts in certain topic areas.

Certainly we would have to iron out some details on how best to accomplish these tasks, but the basics were there in a simple graph. The graph you see is for his company alone, no other product or company could receive the same benefit with this social media distribution and that in essence is his social media sweet spot.

If you were marketing a product or service maybe you would be heavier on video and less on twitter but more on blogging. If you were political maybe you would lean more toward forums with a heavy burden on Twitter and Facebook. The idea is this: you have a limited amount of resources to expend, even in social media, so to create the strongest ROI you need to decide how best to allocate your time and money. Creating a simple marketing graph like this will help you know how best to do this.

Remember the graph isn’t static; you can change the values as you experiment in social media to fine tune it for the best results. Have any of you made a graph like this for any of your social media clients or to evaluate your personal branding?

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