‘What is Your Self-Worth?’ Book Party Part Two: Sightings

FishbowlLA saw Bai Ling. Former Nanny Fran Drescher was also in the crowd. Her assistant was handing out CD’s titled Cancer Schmancer. We also saw Jackie Collins scurry by.

But the most shocking sighting all night was Gray Davis – former governor of California – recalled by the Terminator. We actually blurted out loud, “Whoa?!” when we saw him.

His wife is somehow connected to Cheryl Saban, the author of the evening. Davis, what a tragic political figure – he’s like Richard Nixon after he was VP for two terms, after he lost a presidential AND a gubernatorial bid – when there was all the bitter and list-making with none of the power to be the Nixonian crook we’ve all grown to love. Poor, Davis.

We’ve had some bad nights and even been booed off stage – but not on that big of scale. Eep.