What is This Jaiku Thing?

JaikuSo apparently there is this Twitter-like site called Jaiku that was acquired by Google last year. Since then there have been complaints of a lack of updates being made to the site. Thanks to the neglect by Google, users are now flocking to Twitter. All of you already know that I have a passion for Twitter so this is good news for anybody else on the site. We can always use a few extra followers.

This is not the first time that Google has allowed an acquired site to languish. The same thing happened when Google acquired Dodgeball, the once popular text message social network. As arstechnica states:

Registration is still closed and new users can only join the site by receiving an invitation from Google. The Jaiku developers have been completely and totally silent since the announcement of the takeover, and the official Jaiku blog—which used to have several messages a month—has had no new posts at all. The Jaiku Team feed has also not received any posts from Jaiku developers since the acquisition.

Things don’t sound to good for the Jaiku team. Hopefully the Jaiku team got some valuable Google stock options and can now take off and start another business!

So can there be more than one Twitter? Facebook offers status updates but then again, status updates are nowhere near as conversational as Twitter. I really don’t see there being space for multiple Twitters but then again there are multiple social networks each targeting a different geographic location. As long as there is space for both Bebo, MySpace and Facebook there is space for multiple Twitter copycats.

I’m not sure why you would want to start a Twitter copycat though given the high cost of running the site. Are you on Jaiku? Is there any reason for using the site?