What Is The Right Price For An eBook?

Pricing an eBook is a troubling question. Price it too much and no one will buy it and price it too low and people think it isn’t worth much. We decided to help publishers by looking at the Top 100 paid books in the Kindle store at 1pm ET today (the store updates its metrics hourly), to see how the top ten selling books are priced. It was no surprise to see that the top selling eBook (A Little Death in Dixie) is $.99.

The next few titles are $5 and under. The No. 2 title, The Hunger Games, is $5.00. The No. 3 title Summer Secrets is $4.99. The No. 4 title My Horizontal Life is $1.99. It’s not until position No. 5 that we see a $9.99 eBook The Help, which is a very common price point in the Kindle store. However, once we get to position No. 6- No. 9, we see higher pricing compared to the top four sellers. Catching Fire at No. 6 is $7.70, Mockingjay at No.7 is $7.14, Buried Prey at No. 8 is $12.99, and Something Borrowed at No. 9 is $9.99. The Top 10 is rounded out by Winter Sea, which is priced at $2.99.

By these numbers, it seems that the $.99 price point, the $9.99 price point and something around $5 or $7 are sweet spots, depending on the title. And a $12.99 eBook, still has the potential to make the Top 10 list.

What do you think is the right price for an eBook?