What Is the Right eBook Price?

eBook pricing is like the Wild West. While different titles with different features can certainly demand a scale for pricing, eBook prices today are all over the map.
The odd thing is that Amazon’s $9.99 price point, which plagued the publishing industry when it was first introduced, feels like the most solid price point going these days.
Some authors have told us that $1.99 and $2.99 price points are ideal for novels from lesser known authors. Some publishers think that $12.99 is the right price for a digital novel.
And then Crown Digital surprised us by telling us that their digital eBook price matches up with the physical list price, which could be a hardcover price of $24.99 or a paperback price of $12.99. But then again, it is up to the vendors to price the eBooks, so the price is really only a suggestion.
Is there an ideal eBook price?