What Is The Politico?

Find out at Nathans Georgetown on April 12:

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard of this town’s newest political website and newspaper: The Politico? They’ve made news and been news and here is your chance to know them better and also get an expert’s look at the ’08 Presidential race. The Politico’s editor, John F. Harris, will be interviewed at The Q&A Cafe on Thursday, April 12. John was the national political editor of The Washington Post before he helped launch the new contender on the political block. He’s also the author of “The Survivor,” an engrossing look at the life and times of Bill Clinton, and co-author of “How To Win,” which focuses on the already started race for the White House.

    Make your reservations now with Jon Moss at 202.338.2000. As always, the doors open at noon, the program begins at 12:30, the fee is $35, all inclusive, and anyone can come.