What is the legal status of dwarf-tossing?

Esquire‘s A.J. Jacob’s knows where to look, even if he doesn’t know how to write about it: Wikipedia, the online open-source encylopedia edited for the people by the people and stringenly self-regulated by same. Jacob’s had the rather meta idea of posting his original article on Wikipedia on Wikipedia and then letting the wikis have at it. Michael Kinsley would be proud; Andres Martinez would probably roll his eyes in bemused annoyance.

Jacobs started out with a deliberately crappy entry (though the know-it-all couldn’t resist beginning with a reference to Diderot’s Encylopedie) and then left it up on Wikipedia to be tinkered with by the obsessives monitoring its accuracy. The final version was locked last Friday. If you want to know the answer to the dwarf-tossing question, you now know where to find it (like I know. Please. I barely understand that Google post this morning).

In other news, A.J. Jacob’s enjoys watching Gilmore Girls and, now that Rory is of age, is not ashamed to admit it. (From this month’s Esquire, which also offers readers the chance to put music to some excruciatingly bad lyrics by John Mayer. A hilarious and unrelated John Mayer correction here.)

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