What is the Chinese Translation of Media Freedom?

beijing-olympics-2008.jpgAfter a whole lot of evidence to the contrary the Chinese government has come forth to assure the world that China will abide by its promise to give journalists “unfettered access” at next month’s Olympic Games. A senior government official is encouraging the foreign press to report “extensively” (the funny part is we initially read that as “exclusively”) saying that “China will earnestly abide by relevant regulations regarding foreign journalists’ reporting activities in the country.”

It seems the Chinese were put off their initial promise to allow journalists to roam free by all those pesky protests that accompanied the round-the-word Olympic torch run. Should reporters encounter problems they are encouraged to take them directly to Liu Qi, president of the organizing committee for the games, after which they will never be heard from again. Kidding! However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.