What Is Sony’s Dash?

This is going to be a tough year for gadget enthusiasts: lots of cool gizmos are debuting at CES. How is one to choose which to buy? Sony’s forthcoming Dash, unveiled yesterday, is one such gadget, though bloggers are already having a hard time defining it.

Sony calls it a “personal Internet viewer,” but around the Web folks are already wondering if its a tablet, an eReader, a media player. It’s got a 7″ color touch screen (measured diagonally) and runs, according to Sony, over 1,000 Web apps that deliver everything from the weather, calenders, news, YouTube, and comes pre-loaded with Pandora, Epicurious, among other things. It’s got an accelerometer, a USB jack, speakers, and a headphone jack, the ability to run multiple apps at once, though, it seems, no user-accessible internal memory. It will be available in April for $199.

So, of course, this means it can also view online eBooks. But is it an eReader? Not quite. But this blogger kinda wants one.