What is Google’s Photovine & How is it Related to Spotlife? Instagram Competitor?

What is Phonevine? Here’s what we can learn by browsing all three pages that make up the web site.

Main page
– Photovine is a native iPhone app and not a web app based on the look of what is seen on an iPhone 4 image
– The site has something to do with sharing and discovering photos and the people associated with those photos
– The site is related to something named Spotlife. Its CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript source both originate from Spotlife.com. Pointing a browser at Spotlife.com redirects back to Photovine.com

Privacy Policy page
– It is offered by the company named Slide which Google purchased in the summer of 2010
– It can be use with Social Networking Services (SNS) not operated by “us” (Slide)
– Sidenote: Slide made its mark by developing apps for social networking sites Facebook and MySpace

Support page
– Email addersses for feedback and support

The iPhone angle is interesting. Currently Google’s Picasa photo sharing service does not have an iPhone app. Android users can use the integrated Gallery app to deal with images storeed in Picasaweb. Based on the site’s slogan and look of the themed photo collection, it may be something similar to Instagram.