What Is Devo? You Be the Judge!


Tune into NBC tonight to catch Devo, they of the pioneering New Wave sound and energy domed ziggurat hats, play a concert at the Olympic victory ceremony in Whistler, British Columbia. Yes, they’ll likely open with “Whip It,” but the Mark Mothersbaugh-fronted band will also debut new songs and a fresh look. Meanwhile, Devo realizes that the surest path to de-evolution is crowdsourcing, so they (with the help of Warner Brothers and ad agency Mother LA) are undertaking “a series of studies to help the band determine every decision it makes regarding its body covering, its brand color, its graphic icons, and even its choice of vocal style and instrumentation on any given song.” They’re determined to focus-group their way to the first new Devo album in 20 years. Click here to embark upon Devo’s Color Study in which you’re asked to weigh in on illustrated questions such as “What color is this neglected stepchild’s hair?” and “Which of these two men guards a horrible secret?” You’ll be rewarded with the knowledge of your Devo color.