What is design?

Today’s post comes courtesy of Flickr’s Designer Wallpaper group. Contributors answer the question what is design? through clever and excellently designed graphic images. Here are some of the best (click the titles to view the original images):

Design is the part you don’t notice.

Design is about scoring chicks and getting wasted. Oh wait, that’s rock and roll.

Design is beautiful.

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Design is boring text and solid colors.

Design is a nice way to say hello.

Design is the difference.

Design is not ripped paper and chunky fonts.

Design is trendy.

Design is something a programmer should not do.

El diseño es algo más que colores bonitos.
(Design is more than pretty colors.)

Design is LEGO for grownups.

Design is subtle.

Design is putting focus where it matters.

Design is using serif when sans is trendy.

Design makes me happy.