What is Arianna Huffington Telling David Fenton?

A broad swathe of media power brokers attended Arianna Huffington’s Right is Wrong book party last Friday in Manhattan.

The attendees were chronicled by Gawker photographer Nikola Tamindzic and included Rupert Murdoch, Mort Zuckerman, Tom Freston, Jann Wenner, Charlie Rose, and of course, our own Laurel Touby.

Out of all the night’s pictures, only one was not captioned. We won’t blame Nikola for not knowing his name, but here at PRNewser, we do.

That’s Fenton Communications CEO David Fenton, who has the ear of Huffington for the moment. In a Washington Post feature on Fenton last year in recognition of his agency’s 25th anniversary, Huffington was quoted saying, “There’s no division between his life and his work. The work that he does is exactly what he is passionate about.”

Fenton Communications claims a variety of lefty clients including George Soros, MoveOn.org and GreenPeace, but has worked on all sides of the political spectrum, including a campaign with Laura Bush to fight malaria in Africa.

The agency billed in the $6M range for 2007.

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