What If You Could Re-Elect Your Boss?

On the heels of an exciting election night, here at MediaJobsDaily, we couldn’t help but ponder something.

A while ago a boss of yours truly quipped, “This is not a democracy.”

That is, to put it into context,  several managers were making a hiring decision on a new managerial colleague and one of our direct reports provided us with her unsolicited thoughts.

That prompted the director to rebuke her comment even though the employee did indeed point out something insightful the managers had missed.

But, is that such a bad idea after all? What if we could get employees to interview their potential boss and provide feedback? What are the ramifications of having a democratic-like hiring process or annual review process?

As inspired by Election Day, what if a boss was given a timeline, let’s say one year, and then got “re-elected” into “office” after a year during the annual performance review time frame? Granted, in HR fantasy land this may only happen if there’s an at will employer and it’s not like the boss would be demoted if he or she didn’t get re-instated into their post but it just got us thinking, that’s all.

Many companies have upward feedback as part of their review process although not in a do or die situation like a re-election of sorts. Plus, it’s hard to determine what becomes of the feedback and if it’s particularly beneficial to the supervisor to alter his or her management style.

That said, if you were granted the ability to re-elect your boss in a perfect world, would you? Why or why not?

Just like an election when we decide upon the best candidate to vote for, we assess where they stand on issues and our priorities for each one. That said, does your boss ultimately make the grade? More importantly, what power do you have to change it, if anything?