What If Pinterest Launched an Out-of-Home Ad Campaign?

Pinterest’s in-house creative team worked with ad writer and creative director Janet Champ and media agency Giant Spoon on the campaign

Pinterest is taking it to the streets, launching its first out-of-home advertising campaign, What If, with billboards in Times Square and throughout New York.

Brand writer Mac Huynh introduced the campaign in a blog post, saying that Pinterest’s in-house creative team worked with ad writer and creative director Janet Champ and media agency Giant Spoon on the campaign, which features real people, and adding that the social network will team up with Mic and The New York Times “in the coming months.”

Pinterest is not the first social network to turn to out-of-home ad campaigns, as Twitter launched its What’s Happening Now campaign in the streets (and subways) of New York last October, while Facebook launched a multiplatform ad campaign backing Facebook Live in the U.S. and U.K. that same month.

Huynh provided more color on the What If campaign:

Our What if campaign focuses on vulnerable moments people face in their lives, from everyday to epic, when they’re just about to take a risk. The stakes can feel high any time you try something new, whether you’re wearing bold lipstick, ditching the conventional wedding or breaking free from gender norms. We want to show the transformative power of reimagining risks as possibilities.

In every ad, we’re showing real people, not models—Pinterest employees and close friends—to keep it feeling grounded, relatable and true to the real-life spirit of what if.

You’ll also notice that we intentionally didn’t focus on outcomes, since achieving a perfect end result is far less important to us than taking a chance and trying something new.

She also teased that Pinterest is “busy planning a few events, special guests and surprises for later this fall.”

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