What Happens In Vegas… Makes Hearst Angry | The Economist Throws Bloggers A Bone | Free Usually Overpriced Stuff For Everyone!

Las Vegas Sun: The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino in Las Vegas (which is still under construction) is to be officially renamed “The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas” in the wake of a lawsuit by Hearst, the owner of Cosmopolitan magazine. Girls named Marie Claire better watch the hell out.

WebNewser: The Economist still doesn’t want you knowing about the basement-dwelling ogre children who write its blogs, but they’re now allowing them to initial their posts. And eat.

PRNewser: Both Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s are giving out free treats today. But it’s ok that you develop diabetes, thanks to health care reform. We’re not sure gross, debilitating lactose intolerance is covered, though.

minOnline: Real Simple tops the list magazines with the highest ad page increases in their April issues, boasting a total jump of 55.40 more ad pages that it had last year. It’s that .40 of a page that pushed them over the top.

Gawker: The polls are closed: Hipsters are now to be referred to as “Fauxhemians” because most of you who voted for this are super terrible and have no sense of humor. The correct response was very obviously “Pabstsmear.”