What Games Announcement Is Facebook Making Tomorrow?

-Facebook Games Announcement-Tomorrow afternoon Facebook is hosting an invite-only event for games developers at their Palo Alto headquarters to discuss the future of games on Facebook. Given that the company has been ramping up their Credits platform in recent months and games continue to account for the vast majority of activity on the Facebook Platform, we’re expecting a few announcements to take place.

Platform Improvements

Most significant is that we’ve been hearing there are some improvements coming which help developers gain increased visibility both through the stream as well as new discovery channels. While the games dashboard was a prominent placement which attempted to drive more games engagement, there is still a lot of room for improvement. As such, I’d expect Facebook to provide some guidance on how the company will improve the existing system.

Further Opening Credits?

Up until now Facebook Credits have been restricted to applications that get approval from Facebook. While there’s a good chance they’ll stay that way, there’s also a very small possibility that Facebook will decide to further open up access to the Credits API. This is purely speculation though, so we could be completely wrong about this.

Why Just Games?

You may be wondering why the event is only for game developers. The most obvious reason is that games account for the majority of platform activity, and based on conversations we’ve been having with third-party platforms which integrate into the Facebook Ads API, games account for close to half of all ad buys. Yes, game developers are pouring money into ads at an incredible pace as developers hope to be part of the next Playdom-like acquisition, reportedly buying users for upwards of $3 each.

With all the money pouring into this space through ads, as well as through Facebook Credits, games are a very big business for Facebook which is why they want to make sure game developers feel like they are being listened to. Now that most major social game makers have integrated with Facebook Credits, it’s time for deeper integration. We’ll be at the event to cover it. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other details.