What FP‘s David Rothkopf Really Thinks of TV Shows About DC

VEEP gets some high marks. State of Affairs? Ehhh Katherine Heigl might not be so happy.


Foreign Policy magazine’s CEO and editor, David Rothkopf, published an article yesterday ranking the 10 best shows about Washington, DC and foreign policy — hilarity ensued.

At the bottom of his list were shows so inaccurate, inauthentic, and unentertaining (NBC’s “The Blacklist”, Fox’s “Bones” and CBS’ “NCIS”) that they weren’t even worthy of grades.


The coup de grâce, however, was Rothkopf’s critique of NBC’s “State of Affairs” starring Katherine Heigl, which scored a whooping 4 out of 40.

Katharine Heigl was once a movie star” is not a sentence you wanna read right off the bat if you’re Hiegl’s publicist. Rothkopf continued ripping on the actress, “she seems to have equated looking intelligent or serious with appearing to be in severe gastric distress.” I applaud David for his use of the “Dumb and Dumber” toilet scene in describing Heigl’s acting, and raise him another.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rothkopf had some kind words for several popular shows, including HBO’s “Veep,” FX’s “The Americans” and Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Scoring a 34 out of a possible 40, “Veep” made the top of his list — pointing to the show’s ability to epitomize the, all too often, fickle nature of Washington.

Veep captures the asinine essence of the mad scramble for power; the regular, utter, and complete disregard for higher purpose; and the pettiness in which most politicians and their staffs engage for so much of the time. House of Cards depicts this with a knowing wink. Veep skewers it by depicting it more or less as it really is. Whenever you think the show is at its most absurd, trust me, Washington insiders are thinking it rings true.

In stark contrast to Hiegl, he praised the Holton-Arms graduate, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, calling her “a certifiable American national treasure.”

For the complete and entertaining list, check out FP’s website.