What Entrepreneur Editor Amy Cosper Learned About Tweeting

Amy Cosper, editor in chief of Entrepreneur, had a problem with a writer. The writer was assigned to a story and had come up with nothing, she said during a break at this Guy Kawasaki event (presented by Hiscox and hosted by Entrepreneur).

She meant to tell another editor, “Tell him he can kiss my ass.”

“Instead, I Tweeted it,” she said.

If she hadn’t just finished reading Kawasaki’s book, “I would have done what other editors do,” she said. “I would have blamed the intern.”

Instead, “I owned it. I said I wasn’t paying attention and apologized.” That led to a discussion, and ultimately a story, about attention deficit, said Cosper.

But the ultimate lesson: “The biggest words of wisdom I can give you from this horrible tweeting experience is ‘Know the location of thy cursor at all times,'” she said.