What Does Your Twitter Background Say About You?

Twitter might not be as customizable in terms of information as Facebook is, but you can still personalize your Twitter presence in a big way: your Twitter background. You might not think much of your current background, but it says a lot about you. If you find you’re projecting the wrong message with your Twitter background, it’s never too late to make a change!

Default Twitter background – You’re a newbie

Twitter offers 19 default background designs for you to choose from. They’re simple, cute, and straightforward – clouds, trees and leaves proliferate.

We hate to say it, but if you’re using one of these backgrounds, chances are you haven’t really begun to explore Twitter to its fullest yet… you’re a newbie.

There’s nothing wrong with being new, and kudos to you for navigating to the settings section and choosing one of these 19 designs. But if you want to be taken seriously as a Twitter user, you’ve got to move onto full customization eventually!

Themeleon design – You’re not a designer

Moving up from “newbie” status, you could go the route of using Themeleon to cloak your background. Themeleon is endorsed by Twitter, and you’ll notice a link to their Twitter background site on the “design” page of your Twitter profile settings, so it’s pretty easy to find.

There are literally hundreds of variations you can choose from on Themeleon, ranging from floral patterns to abstract, in every color combination imaginable.

If you’re using a Themeleon background, chances are you wanted to customize your Twitter profile but you’re not a designer (and you likely don’t know one either!). I’m in this category myself, and I’m quite happy with my Themeleon background!

Headshot/picture of you – You’re an artist, freelancer, celeb (or want to be!)

If you’ve skinned your Twitter background to include a headshot of yourself, chances are you’re something special (or at least you think you are). You’ve probably got some major or minor celebrity cachet, and you’ve decided to brand your Twitter account using your own persona.

Take a look at Chris Brogan’s profile for an example of a high-profile headshot background.

Company logo – You’re all business

Many businesses are using Twitter to engage with their audience, network and build their brand presence, and a good portion of these businesses choose to skin their background using the company logo. This creates a nice, consistent brand.

If you’re going this route, make sure you maintain consistency – using a logo gives the impression that you are going to focus on business while on Twitter, so you might want to rethink posting Twitpics of your two kittens playing with the new catnip toy you bought.

Our AllTwitter Twitter profile uses our logo as the background and profile pic.

A repeating pattern or photograph – You’re very DIY

There are several Twitter background generating programs out there that can design a simple background pattern for you. If you’ve chosen this route, you’re likely a very “do-it-yourself” person. You want to get your hands messy doing things for yourself, but you also want the end result to look polished.

You can also use photos that you’ve taken yourself to create a nice Twitter background with relative ease and little design knowledge required.

This is a great way to express yourself through your Twitter profile without having to hire a designer.

All the bells and whistles – You’re an elite Twitterati

And then there are the profiles that simply sparkle – they have a header, consistent branding, Photoshop effects, matching colors, a multimedia approach, some text and links and the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure.

If your Twitter background is rich and detailed, chances are you are investing a lot of time in Twitter and want to show it. You’re a Twitterati, part of the elite, congrats!