What Does the Pew Internet Paid Online Content Survey Say About Mobile?

The Pew Internet & American Life Project published another of their interesting people and tech survey results.

65% of internet users have paid for online content

Let’s pull out just the mobile related results (based on a survey of 755 online users) to get a view of the world ThinkMobile focuses on. Pew lists paid content in descending order but did not rank order activity. I assigned the ranks below:

3 – 21% have bought apps for a phone or tablet
7 – 15% bought ringtones
10 – 10% bought an ebook

You could make the case that the #1 paid content type (digital music at 33%) is probably used on a mobile device.

The #5 paid content type – digital newspaper, magazine, or journal article/report – is an interesting one with 18% of those surveyed reporting having bought such content. It would be interesting to determine what percentage of this group purchased the content on or for a mobile device like the iPad. Note that this group is much larger than the group who reported buying an ebook (10% vs. 18%).