What Does The Crown Restructuring Mean for Digital?

As you’ve crown.jpegprobably heard by now, Random House announced a major restructuring of its Crown Publishing Group. Crown will be split into two distinct groups. In a phone interview with GalleyCat, Random House spokesperson Stuart Applebaum emphasized the digital potential of the reorganization: “One of the rationales for the reorganization is to give our Random House Information Group publishing lines an even greater opportunity to expand on their digital publishing options,” he said.

In a memo, Random House CEO Markus Dohle explained today’s changes. There will be “one [group] comprised of the Crown trade-publishing imprints; the other with the Random House Audio Group and the Random House Information Group,” said Dohle. Also, Crown publisher Jenny Frost is leaving the company, and Maya Mavjee, executive publisher of Doubleday Canada, will now lead the restructured Crown.

Applebaum also cited the current digital success under the Crown Group in his conversation with GalleyCat. “Already the Fodor’s Travel site is one of the most popular in its area,” said Applebaum, “and we expect to be able to grow these businesses digitally on what has been a very strong foundation.”