What Does It Take To Get Geraldine Ferraro, Kerry Washington And Adrienne Curry Together?


FBNY sent Amanda ReCupido out to cover WE tv, Gotham magazine and The Creative Coalition’s launch for WE Vote ’08 featuring Susan Sarandon, Kerry Washington, Geraldine Ferraro, Susan Molinari and more. A full report after the jump.

Wednesday night marked the launch of WE tv’s Vote ’08 campaign at Tenjure. In partnership with The Creative Coalition and Gotham magazine, WE tv aims to register over one million women to vote in the 2008 election while educating them on important key issues. The year-long campaign is co-chaired by 1984 Vice Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro and former U.S. Representative Susan Molinari, and joins together a historic group of non-profit, non-partisan organizations, including The Creative Coalition; Women’s Voices, Women Vote; America’s Promise Alliance; Women’s Campaign Forum, and cable organizations such as NCTA, WICT, and ACC.

A gaggle of celebs and other notable persons skipped the much-anticipated tree lighting at Rockefeller Center (as I’m sure it was high on their to-do list) to support the cause. “If women don’t speak their voice, then someone else will speak for them,” quipped Kerry Washington, actress and board member of The Creative Coalition (and wearer of Alberta Ferretti). “This is the most important election of our time, of women’s time,” said Marie Wilson, founder and President of The White House Project. “The first time I ever voted was during the Civil Rights movement. I remember thinking then that we could change the world.”

Other present faces included fashion designer Annette Lepore, singer-songwriter Stefani Vara, Gotham Editor-in-Chief Keija Minor, DJ Kiss, The Wire‘s Shamika Cotton, and Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon. “The first thing I would do if I was president would be to pull us immediately out of Iraq,” Sarandon said. “That or send all of Congress to go fight.” Interesting, Ms. Sarandon. And what do you feel is most important when choosing a candidate? “It’s not about choosing a woman president or a black president, it’s about who is the most authentic.” (An impartial election? Oh, Ms. Sarandon, how you tease us so.)

Adrienne Curry, who arrived with husband Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady), also believes in the power of voting, and somehow managed to develop a solution to our foreign policy woes in her spare time between modeling and catching reruns of her youthful hubby in bellbottoms. “We should like, stop taking over other countries so they won’t, like, hate us. We’re becoming the King of England again.” So who does she believe will right all of our country’s wrongs? “I try to like Hillary, but she has no humanity. I’m like, ‘Hillary, who ARE you?'” Curry said, before breaking into the chorus of “Mr. Roboto.” Knight stood by, looking terrified, and only mustered, “Hillary’s a chick who busts balls.” Yes, and it would appear that Knight would know a thing or two about that…


Annette Lepore


Kerry Washington


Stefani Vara


Marie Wilson of The White House Project

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