What Does it Mean that Opera’s Phone Browser Overtook the iPhone? Mobile or Mini Versions?

Interesting item in Reuters that I’m not quite sure how to interpret…

Opera passes iPhone to lead mobile-browser market

The article says that 24.6% of web pages downloaded by mobile devices in May were downloaded using an Opera browser while 22.3% of web pages viewed using the iPhone’s Safari mobile web browser.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Opera has two different browsers for phones: Opera Mobile costs $24 and is available for Windows Mobile and S60 based smartphones. It is sometimes bundled with smartphones too. My HTC X7500 Advantage Windows Mobile phone came with it in firmware, for example. Opera Mobile is a pretty good browser (better than Internet Explorer Mobile for Windows Mobile, IMHO). Opera Mini is a free product and available for a wide variety of phones that can run Java apps. This includes Windows Mobile, Nokia and Blackberry phones. I find this browser, hmm, less than satisfactory. So, which Opera browser accounts for most of this 24.6% of mobile web page views? Opera Mobile or Opera Mini?