What do your users think of you?

We’d like to think our users/readers/viewers see us as great pillars of journalism, but a quick tour of Brand Tags reveals this isn’t always so. The site asks visitors to play word association with some world-famous brands, including Microsoft, Pontiac and Jagermeister.

There are a large number of media companies represented on the site. Here are the words, sorted by popularity, that users most often associated with the brands:


(pictured at right)
magazine, news, boring, newspaper, paper, information, old, liberal, informative, time, weekly, politics, biased, conservative, tabloid, american, business, news magazine, dull, crap


news, tv, biased, liberal, lies, boring, cnn, propaganda, information, bias, ted turner, american, atlanta, crap, james earl jones, liars, turner, war, lie, anderson cooper


fat, black, women, oprah, boring, tv, bitch, rich, annoying, harpo, money, woman, cult, talk show, lame, o, stupid, overrated, power, talk


sports, boring, sportscenter, tv, jocks, fast, football, men, espn, american, jock, news, lame, guys, gay, sports center, nothing, sports channel, sports tv, hockey

New York Times

news, newspaper, liberal, paper, old, smart, serious, crossword, reliable, classic, boring, information, biased, quality, intelligent, trustworthy, good, established, journalism, informative

Financial Times

money, newspaper, boring, pink, news, serious, business, british, paper, economy, stuffy, magazine, london, dull, informative, old, wall street, reliable, quality


tv, peacock, news, television, 30 rock, friends, the office, old, funny, boring, office, seinfeld, rainbow, gay, network, heroes, nbc, comedy, american, conan

The Los Angeles Times

news, newspaper, paper, old, liberal, read, new york times, la, reliable, boring, american, official, classic, gothic, newspapers, hollywood, lies, crap, apple, smog


boring, tv, educational, public, sesame street, smart, education, people, free, quality, kids, television, intelligent, nova, liberal, learning, good, old, pbs, documentary

Brand identity is important so if users do see us as boring (which seems to be a common thread amongst many of the brands), then we have a problem on our hands.