What Do You Think About Twitter Introducing A Facebook-Like Wall?

Rumor has it that Twitter is experimenting with a “Facebook-like” wall for some of its newest users. This is apparently intended to make the steep learning curve for Twitter newbies easier.

For those new to Twitter, learning the difference between @mentions and @replies is rather difficult. Sure, it’s easy enough to know that @replies start a tweet while @mentions are somewhere in the middle, but could you explain how people see each type of tweet when you first started out on Twitter?

To help new members answer this question, it looks like Twitter is experimenting with a “wall” of sorts.

According to a report by Mashable, Twitter has given a handful of test users the ability to send @replies and @mentions directly to an individual from their profile page.

These users will see a box similar to the one in the image below when they visit any other users’ profile page. If they type a message in that box, it will be sent “to” that user using an @reply.

I personally like the idea of making @replies easier for new users. I’ve had to explain them numerous times to different people, and it’s always best to just show them an example. By making @replies more intuitive in a wall-like format such as the one above, Twitter will hopefully be able to guide newbies through the learning process more easily.

Image courtesy of Mashable