What Do You Do When They Want It To Move and Stuff?

If you’re around San Francisco today, like we wish we were (and not
because it’s been about 40 degrees in Chicago for these past couple of
weeks), we’d think it wise to hit up the Bay Area Interactive Group’s
panel “The Democratization of Web Video”
which sounds terrific. It’s
all about figuring out just how all of this excess bandwidth and
inexpensive production can work for companies, groups, and individual
people. Because, really, does anyone really have any idea what they’re
doing on the internet as it is? Let alone now incorporating more than
just text and pictures. Sounds really great. Here’s the scoop:

With the great advances in technology and strong growth
of broadband has also come the ability for the web to provide a great
consumer experience of sight, sound and motion. Jon Kaiser of Grey will
lead a panel of category experts to address how the very best media
companies, consumers, marketers and even experts in adult film industry
are taking advantage of this bandwidth to build businesses and original
content in new ways. The panel will explore how leading brands are
capitalizing on this opportunity, how consumers are taking control, and what it all means to marketers. Panelists include representatives from CBS Digital, Grouper Networks, Odyssey and other companies involved in online video.

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