What Do You Do After Being Forced Out as Editor of the Times in the Wake of Jayson Blair?

You go fishing, and use it as a career metaphor in your new book. Naturally.

New York gets to the thick of Howell Raines‘ new book this week — despite having to agree to go fishing with him and tour Katrina-ravaged New Orleans before getting down to the nitty gritty.

Eventually, they get to Blair, whom Raines refers to in the book as “Little Jayson Blair”:

Raines said he pitied Blair. “I would never try to disown anger as an emotion. What I was trying to use that language for was to show some distance and some understanding, as well as obviously the initial anger that I and everyone at the Times felt, that this guy had betrayed the most fundamental compact of our profession.”

Fishing With Howell [New York mag]