What Do Women Want for Valentine’s Day? Ask iVillage

What do women want on Valentine’s Day? iVillage found out with its poll, The Ultimate Valentine’s Gifts for Women, which revealed that romance was the most important thing, with 87 percent of respondents saying that hearing the words “I love you” topped their lists. Other findings:

• 80 percent of married women and moms said spending romantic time together with their significant other was important;

• 45 percent of married women preferred a romantic dinner to other options such as roses, chocolates, a spa treatment, and a new handbag;

• 43 percent want to receive cards, while 30 percent opted for poetry or sweet nothings.

• 72 percent said Valentine’s Day is not their only night of romance each year, with that figure rising to 76 percent for moms.

• 44 percent of respondents feel that people should take advantage of the holiday to say “I love you” to everyone they care about, and not just partners.

iVillage Chief Correspondent Kelly Wallace said:

iVillage women have said it loud and clear: Men should give from their hearts and not necessarily from their wallets this Valentine’s Day. Women are showing a more traditional, emotional side, preferring romantic dinners at home and poetry in cards, rather than the fancier gifts of Valentine’s past. It’s a clear sign of the times that women are placing higher value on what Valentine’s is really about. Actions speak louder than words. This holiday, men should consider a home-cooked meal for two to celebrate with their special someone.