What do Twitter users Love (And Hate) the Most? [Infographic]

Data can tell us a lot about a group. Although Twitter users are a diverse bunch living all over the planet, they do share some common things they love…and things they hate.

The “Love & Hate on Twitter” infographic created by Neoformix takes a look at what people love and hate most on Twitter. Its creator gathered data on tweets that contained the words “love” and “hate”, choosing to analyze every 10th tweet containing either of these two words for all of 2010.

Altogether, he analyzed more than 1 million tweets, and calculated that there were approximately 6.5 million tweets with the word “love” and 5 million tweets containing “hate” sent out last year.

The infographic shows the many different ways that people love and hate things on Twitter. For instance, when comparing different types of foods, cupcakes take the cake – so to speak – with the most “love quotient” at 85% above neutral. In the same category, liver is hated on the most, with a “hate quotient” of about 5% below neutral. Sentiments towards politicians might be more surprising: Joe Biden is loved the most, Obama is neutral, and John McCain has the highest “hate” ratio.

Now, onto celebrities… we bet you saw this one coming: Justin Bieber is, by far, the most-loved celebrity on Twitter, followed by Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas and Donny Wahlberg.

The bottom of the Love & Hate infographic sheds some light on what really ties the Twitterverse together. The most-used word in association with both love and hate is… “you”.

Infographic courtesy of Neoformix