What Did Twitter Users Summon by Including #Candyman 5 Times in Tweets?

They were the first to see the full trailer for Jordan Peele’s upcoming remake

Jordan Peele’s remake of 1992 cult classic Candyman hits theaters June 12 Universal Pictures/Monkeypaw Productions

Director Jordan Peele dared people to say “Candyman” five times—in a tweet.

Universal Pictures and Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions backed Peele’s remake of 1992 cult classic Candyman—which hits theaters June 12—with a “first of its kind” activation on Twitter.

People who tweeted with the #candyman hashtag five times in one tweet were the first to see the full trailer for the film.

Universal and Monkeypaw teamed up with Twitter Next, the social network’s brand strategy team, to leverage the conversation card ad format and enable people to “summon” the Candyman.

A custom listening mechanism was developed to prompt @CandymanMovie to respond to people who followed the directions.

Universal also created a custom hashtag-triggered emoji that brings the bumblebee icon from the original film to tweets that include #candyman.

Twitter Next media and entertainment lead Bridget Harvey said in an email, “We are thrilled to partner with Universal Pictures to usher in a revival of this iconic film with a custom campaign that you can only find on Twitter. People love talking about horror movies. This is an inventive form of storytelling that immerses fans and rewards them with a first look at this highly anticipated sequel.”

Universal Pictures senior vice president of digital marketing Justin Pertschuk added, “We wanted to bring Candyman, and this terrifying legend, back to audiences with a creative campaign that would really get people talking. With Twitter, we designed this first-of-its-kind activation that threads a critical element of the plot through our promotion of the film.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.