What Did Bob Novak Do on CNN to earn $625,000?

From this weekend’s C-SPAN interview with Bob Novak:

    LAMB: But what were you doing at CNN that made you $625,000?

    NOVAK: I was – at the end I had a – I did various things. In time I was on – I was the co-executive producer of “Capital Gang,” which was a lot of work. I spent an enormous amount of work on there. I was a regular on “Crossfire,” two or three times a week. I had my own program called “The Novak Zone,” in which I did strange things like jump out of airplanes and drive boats, and things like that. And then I was a regular on the politics show, the “Inside Politics” shows, anchored by Judy Woodruff. I was on there once or twice a week. So, they got their money out of me.

(Hat tip: The Extreme-ness)