What CPM is your app making? Data from Facebook Developers

Facebook application monetizationAs Facebook application developers experiment with different ad networks for the Facebook Platform (like Social Media, Lookery, Buddy Media, Cubics, fbExchange, RockYou, Offerpal Media, Google AdSense, Zohark, AdChap, AdBlade, VideoEgg, and more), everyone’s asking the same question:

What is everybody else making, and how can I make more?

Every ad network is different (and so is every app). Some can fill different types of creative, and others can fill different user segments. For example, VideoEgg has a unique high performing unit, but can only fill a small amount of inventory, while Lookery has an open offer promising guaranteed rates for all European traffic.

While different ad networks make different claims regarding what kind of price and performance they’ll be able to deliver, the best solution for all developers is to give several of them a try and stick with the ones that work best for you. More sophisticated publishers have a person whose sole job is to turn the knobs up and down on different ad networks, depending on how they’re performing – while you may not be able to optimize your inventory down to the zip code and hour, you should be able to easily improve your eCPMs by experimenting with different ad networks.

As a start, here’s info from current Facebook app developers on what they’re making on a CPM/eCPM basis from ad networks serving the Facebook Platform:

  • tspree15 is making $0.60 CPM with Social Media
  • cbovis is making $1.50 CPM with VideoEgg, but they can’t cover all his inventory (the rest runs on RockYou)
  • sweetsteve is making $0.27 CPM with Cubics, down from $0.43 earlier this month
  • ejono is seeing a $0.40 CPM with Cubics
  • cory is making a $4.78 eCPM with Social Media (???)
  • mzeitler is making a $0.50 CPM each with AdSense, FB Exchange, Social Media, and RockYou (and by combining 2 units on a page is making $1.00 CPM)
  • saintseiya is making $0.125 CPM with Lookery ($0.25 with 2 ads above the fold)
  • markdoub is seeing $0.10 CPM with Cubics, down from $0.43
  • ersingencturk is seeing $0.04 CPM with AdSense

Want to help your fellow developers out? Share your tips and lessons learned below.

What CPMs are you seeing?