What are the Unhappiest Jobs?

A few days ago we highlighted a study conducted by CareerBliss that identified the 20 happiest jobs in America using 10 factors ranging from boss/co-worker relationships, resources, salary, and environment to corporate culture.

Well, what happens when that’s flipped upside down? Yes, that’s right — the gloom and doom, that pit in the stomach feeling on Sunday night of not looking forward to the upcoming work week.

CareerBliss compiled a list of the 10 unhappiest jobs base on analysis of 100,400 employees. They rated factors that affected workplace happiness such as work environment, job resources, and compensation. Executive level jobs like CEO were excluded from the study.

The unhappiest job in America? Security officer. Matt Miller, chief technology officer at CareerBliss told Forbes,  “Our data shows that growth opportunities and lack of rewards in this field is what affected the overall sentiment around this type of job. Work environment scored relatively high.”

The second and third unhappiest jobs are registered nurse and teacher. These careers seem to be linked to different factors with the same results of being dissatisfied on the job. CareerBliss executive Heidi Golledge explained to Forbes, “Nurses, on the other hand, have more issues with the culture of their workplaces, the people they work with, and the person they work for.  The factors driving the unhappiness tell different stories for these two jobs.”

She added, “CareerBliss has found through our research that teachers appear to be quite happy with their work and their coworkers.  However, the rewards for their work, lack of support, and lack of opportunities to be promoted counteract many of the good parts of the job.”

Other occupations rounding out the top ten included marketing director, maintenance supervisor, product manager and sales engineer. As for the good news? No media-specific jobs were on the unhappiest list. The bad news? No media jobs were on the happiest list either.