What Are the Fastest Growing Google+ Pages? New Service Lets You Find Out

Sure, Google+ is its infancy.  It doesn’t have a lot of million follower count profiles yet, and it is definitely the go-to gag of the social world right now.  But I’m not one to count out Google’s slow, meticulous approach to the network.  They’ve been adding updates every few days, and they have a few features in there, like Hangouts, that surprise everyone that uses them.

That’s why I’m happy to see a new service from the folks at ZoomSphere which lets you look at the top Google+ Pages on the network right now, and monitor their progress.

The ZoomSphere service, which I only got a tip about today, is a sleek social network statistics database which looks at the total number of fans across various social networks, and now includes Google Plus.  At first glance, we can see the top 3 brands, and their follower counts, are quite low.  Google+ Pages have only launched recently, so this makes sense at this point.

When looking at the details page for each of these G+ Pages, you get to see all kinds of other information as well; Top Commented, which is the top commented activity; Top Plussed, which is the comment or entry with the most plusses; and recent activity, which is the most recent activity on the page.

I suggest you check ZoomSphere out and add it to your bookmarks if you are interested in tracking Google Plus pages.  One thing to note is that it looks at Google Plus Pages and not Profiles, which are different.  For instance, the Britney Spears profile is not technically a page at this point, and therefore isn’t in the list.

Cover Image: Slavoljub Pantelic via Shutterstock