What Are The Downsides of Freelancing?

Journalism is an ever-changing profession and at the moment, freelancing is having a surge popularity. A quality piece of freelance writing is a hot commodity, but it better be meticulously researched, well executed and an all-around engaging read.

In theory, freelancing sounds great. You have flexible hours, you can work from home, you can spend more time with loved ones. But there are plenty of downsides too, like an unpredictable income, no benefits whatsoever and the isolation of working alone. In our latest Mediabistro feature, a freelance writer talks about the struggles of separating her work and home life:

When there’s no boss hovering over your shoulder, and you can’t get that vision of the overflowing laundry basket out of your head, and you don’t really have any immediate deadlines, it’s difficult to stay on task. It’s taken me four years to develop my little system, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still duck away for the occasional afternoon nap or throw in the towel early to watch TV on a bad day. But like any other job, when something isn’t working, you adapt to the drawbacks and work to restore balance the best way you can.

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Aneya Fernando

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